Welcome to Rawdatul Jannah

Purbachal “Rawdatul Jannah”-the largest private Graveyard Project is a spiritual initiative by M.I.S Holdings Ltd. The project is located North-East of Purbachal (sector 30) under Panjora mouza of Kaligonj, Gazipur which is 25 minutes drive from Kuril flyover. Dhaka is the densest city in the world having a population almost 02 crores. The existing graveyards have been saturated due to huge influx of population every day and the city is in a dire need of a space to bury it’s dwellers. In order to address this crisis we have taken the initiative to build a private graveyard and offer a space for Rest in Peace.

“Rawdatul Jannah” built in an area of 200 Bighas which will have total 80,000 graves. Beside the graves, there will be a Mosque, a Madrasa, an Orphanage, an Old Home and a Child Care Center where all the modern facilities will be available. The plot owner will be benefited from these installations in the form of “Sadquiya Jariya” after their death. The entire complex will remain under CCTV surveillance round the clock.

“Khedmah” is a setup of “Rawdatul Jannah” which will provide ‘One Stop Burial Solution’. The overall responsibility of burial of the deceased will be performed by “Khedmah”. It will also have the provision of Mortuary to preserve the dead body if needed and Freezer Van to transport the dead body from desired pick up point to “Rawdatul Jannah”. The project is a spiritual effort rather than a tradition commercial venture. We aim to offer people with a permanent resting place after death and provide scope to benefits from the installations within the premise.
May Allah bless us all.


Single Grave


Couple Grave


Family Grave


Community Grave