Massage from the Project Director

“The gift to a believes is death” (Al- Tirmidhi, Hadith-1609)

It is certain that everyone will taste death. Thus the ultimate destination is grave, where someone is placed till the day of resection.

Bangladesh being a density populated country does not have enough space for graveyard. Moreover urbanization and industrialization caused shirk of land. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh is the densest city in the world which has 44,500 people per square km. Every day 296 people die in the city. The existing graveyard is in the city must planned ‘in 1950s’.

In waste of time Dhaka turned into a mega city and centre of all activities of the country. There is huge influx of population everyday for the shack of livelihood. But the load is not enough to accommodate these people. The situation becomes worse where the question of burial comes. Presently the graveyard under City Corporation are saturated and graved and being reused which sometimes emotionally hurt the victim. But there is no way out, because of non available alternatives.

Many of the Muslim countries have the provision of private graveyard and they offer total ‘Burial Management’. In Bangladesh there is no private initiative in this sector. We have taken the initiative where there will be 80000 graves and we will offer ‘Total Burial Management’. It’s not only a graveyard but there will be facilities like; a modern Mosque, an Orphanage, a Madrasha, an Old Home. There will be continuous prayer for the dead bodies buried there. The entire complex will covered under CC TV and round the clock security will be ensured.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, we are the pioneer initiative taken of the concept of private graveyard in Bangladesh. We can assure you that we will delivery our promises as made and ensure a smooth transaction to ultimate destination of our customers.

May Allah bless us all.

Major Md Humayun Azad Sarker, psc (Retd)
PhD Fellow (BUP)
Project Director