1. Booking:

a.The booking/allocation of the plot shall be based on the principal of First Served Basis.

b.The booking fee will be 30,000/- which is not refundable.

2. Price of The Plot:

The price of the plot is taka 3,30,000/- (three lacs thirty thousand taka only) excluding service charge.

3.Service Charge:

a.The service charge is taka 1000/- (one thousand) per year which to be paid for 15 years.

b. The total amount of service charge taka (1000×15) = 15,000/- (Fifteen thousand taka only) to be paid at a time for better service and administrative                            management prior to handover the plot.

4.Payment Methods:

a. The provisional allotment letter will be issued after receiving the booking money.

b. The service charge of taka 15,000/- (fifteen thousand) has to be deposited at a time.

c. That the buyers can pay the full amount (3, 30,000/-) at a time.

d. There are options of installments (2 or 3) which to be paid in 2 or 3 months.

e. In case of individual availing 2 installments have to pay 1,50,000/-(one lac and fifteen thousand) in each installment and an amount of taka 1,00,000/-

(one lac) for 03 installments.